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I am currently offering a very unique online live Lighting Masterclass via streaming called Painting with Light, where I will focus on the artistry of creating appealing images rather than the technique.
This class is addressed to students that want to break into the professional field of lighting in animated feature films as well as for those professionals that want to take their lighting skills one step further.

In this class I have packed all the information that I wish I had been taught before becoming a professional Lighting Artist and that I have been collecting slowly over the years. I will give away tons of tips, tricks and approaches based on my own working experience and that will be directly applicable to any software by the students. This is a very rare opportunity to take a look into the artistry of lighting from an seasoned professional in the field as there are no other courses like this in the market and the number of seat are very limited.

The class will focus on general concepts and principles about lighting and how to use them from an artistic point of view so I won´t cover technical aspects about specific 3D renderers. The idea is that after the class, the students should be able to take that learning and apply them to any 3D software. 

Although the class will be online, the approach will be the same as regular on-site courses. Students will be able to ask questions and interact with the teacher throughout the length of the class and take the covered topic further with a Q&A after each chapter.

The masterclass will be supported by over 500 slides, most of them examples of images from different visual mediums like concept art, photography, live action films or traditional painting. I will also include examples of production shots done by myself and how I did tackle the different lighting challenges.

The class will be split in three different areas:

-FOUNDATION: Now that pretty much all the render engines are heading towards physically correct lighting and shading is more important than ever to understand how light, shading and our perception behave in real life.

-DEVELOPING AN ARTISTIC EYE: Unlike the use of the lighting tools within any 3D software, that can be easily learned through the software documentation or the hundreds of tutorials currently available online, developing an eye is a long life task that can´t be self-taught. The way I have learned it has been through the comments, notes and suggestions that other fellow artists, Supervisors and Directors of Photography have been pointing out to me over the years and that have allowed me to look at images from a different perspective. That same approach is the one that I will apply to this class and that´s the reason why I have collected over 500 slides from different visual mediums. Those images will be analyzed the same way that shots get reviewed in a production environment, pointing out what makes those images interesting so that the students can apply those same principles to their own artwork or assigned shots later on.

-LOOKING FOR A JOB: The ultimate goal of any students is not only to improve on his/her lighting skills but also to break into the industry and I thought it was very important to provide information in that regard as well, once again based on my own experience.


About the Masterclass:



01- Physics of light and materials: 
Explanation about how light and shaders behave in the physical world (PBS Physically based shading) and how that affects us when lighting a shot or image.
02- Eye and perception
Includes eye perception, color theory and a deep explanation about linear workflow and gamma.

03- Modulating the light
Explanation about the different tools that we have as lighters to control and modulate the different light sources and how to use them.
04- Light sources & lighting sets
  Breakdown of the different light sources available and how to use them when lighting a set.
05- Lighting Sets; practical example
I will break down the lights of a set lighting that I have prepared specially for this class to show some of the concepts taught during the previous lectures.

06- Functions of lighting
Main functions of lighting.
07- Character lighting
In depth exploration of character lighting.
08- Facing shots
Which questions we may ask ourselves before start lighting a shot or image. Tricks about how to look at your images in order to see if they are working or not.
09- Lighting Characters; practical example
I will break down the lights on a character lighting that I have prepared specially for this class to show some of the concepts taught during the previous lectures.


10- Lighting pipeline on animated feature films
Breakdown of the lighting pipeline on animated features from the art department to the final render.
11- Demo reel & looking for a job
How to create a demo reel and approach the job hunting.
12- Q&A

WHO: CG artists and illustrators (students and professionals) interested in improving their artistic lighting skills.

WHEN: Next class may happen somewhere between May and July 2014 although it will depend on how many people sign up.

LENGTH and TIME: 8 hours, split in two sessions, Saturday and Sunday.
-Saturday 9am-13pm Pacific Standard Time/ 5pm-9pm Central European Time.
-Sunday 9am-13pm Pacific Standard Time/ 5pm-9pm Central European Time.
*(If there is enough people interested in a class at a different time zone I could try to work it out. Drop me a line at lightingmasterclass[at]theposmaker[dot]com and we can discuss it.)

HOW: The class will be live and and streamed online using video conferencing so the students can interact with the teacher.

SEATS: ONLY 15 seats will be available to make sure all the students have the chance to participate and interact with the teacher.

HOW MUCH: 290€ (400USD aprox, depending on currency exchange) through a Paypal deposit.

HOW TO ENROLL: Send an email to lightingmasterclass[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject, Lighting Masterclass pre-enrolment and your contact details (name/email/country of residence) in the body and you will receive an email about how to proceed.The reception order of the emails will determine the priority on the seats. Remember that there are just 15 open seats that will fill up very quickly.

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About the Teacher:

Edu Martin is a Computer Graphics Artist with more than 15 years of expertise in the animation industry. He is a 3D Artist specialized in lighting and who has worked in films such as Planet 51, Legend of the Guardians; owls of Ga'Hoole, Cars2, Brave and more recently Pixar's short film The Blue Umbrella.

During his extended career, his illustrations have also won numerous awards and he has been interviewed by some of the most prestigious magazines in the Computer Graphics field such as 3DTotal, 3D Artist, Digital Tutors, Area Autodesk or 3D Creative. He has also many years of teaching experience.

You can take a look to his current lighting demo reel below.
You can also get more information about Edu Martin's professional background at his LinkedIn profile: